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Foreclosure processing for Private Lenders

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About PFS, LLC

Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC,  formerly Donald D. Parker, Trustee, has been a trustee and provider of non-judicial foreclosure processing services to the private investor industry since 1991.

Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC provides trustee services statewide in California; Current and past clientele include nationwide and international investors.  Lenders from Germany, Guatemala, Hawaii, Washington, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Vietnam, Florida and Georgia have all been provided with the same quality services as those residing in California.

Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC provides professional and personal services that cannot be matched by any other trustee.  As you know, a foreclosure can involve a variety of pitfalls including delay tactics, bankruptcies and lawsuits.  Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC has a committment to quality services and individual attention.  Each foreclosure file is handled with thorough review, and is not run through the factory mill process that is common with many trustees.  Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC clients are assured that their foreclosure is treated as a specific case and not "just another foreclosure".  This type of service gives customers a peace of mind that their investment is receiving the quality care that it deserves.

If you are an individual or a small institution, wouldn't you feel more secure receiving the personal services you deserve from the trustee who specializes in serving private investors, instead of the corporate trustees?  You need the best solution possible for your financial assets.