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Foreclosure processing for Private Lenders

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What Customers Have To Say

"My attorney said he thought you could do a better job than the huge trustee services do because you are able to work on a more personal level with your client (even though I'm two-thousand miles away) and you give of yourself more.  I've had three trustee services in my life before our friend told me to see you." D.A. (Missouri resident)

"Thanks for all you have done!" H.B. & J.D.

"I just wanted to express my thanks to you for your cooperation, assistance and professionalism in concluding the xxxxx matter.  It was an 'interesting' few months and I enjoyed working with you to bring the matter to a successful closure.  Thank you again." M.E.M.S.

"Boy, it's been a long four months since I walked into your office (of which I'm glad)...Don, I really do appreciate what you have done.  You've done more than your job even calls for, and I'm grateful.  You have been professional in every way.  I think you were worth it..." D.& D.A.

"Thank you for all your help.  Will recommend you if any one we know needs your service." D. & A.M.

"...proposed that he would continue paying off the second trust deed and have a final payment by early in shook him up just enough to get the ball rolling..." W.L.

"Don - thank you so much for working with us on the ordeal.  Boy do we appreciate it." B.J.